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   The Central Bank of Russia took measures for stabilizing and increasing the reliability of the bank sector of economics thus making the bank system as a whole more attractive for individuals. These measures, in particular, included checking the compliance of the banks with criteria for including them in the deposit insurance system.

   With the purpose of further integration in the global economic space practically all the bank community prepared statements in compliance with the international standards of accounting and submitted them to the Bank of Russia. The Bank of Russia worked much to improve regulations for supervising the activities of credit organizations and controlling the risks accepted by credit institutions. The mandatory allocations to obligatory reserve funds were reduced.

   In 2005 the Central Bank of Russia will take certain measures for further approximation of the national and international approaches to determination of bank stability, accounting and evaluation of bank's financial status. The work aimed at improving the system for preventing legalization of criminal incomes will be continued. The preparation for applying the international approaches to evaluation of sufficient capital will be started. In 2005 the supervision on the consolidated basis will be improved, applying control of information technologies used for remote client services. The Central Bank insists on making the banks more open. Since September, 1 all banks should regularly submit the information on credit histories of the borrowers to the bureau of credit histories.

    In 2004 the JCB "ZARECHYE" PSC continued working in order to increase the registered capital. The next issue of stocks is ready for realization in 2005 allowing to increase the registered capital of the Bank up to 500 million rubles.
Just as in the previous years the Bank actively credited real sector of economics. Volume of corporate credits amounted to 1923,4 million rubles.

    The amount of credits issued as on 1.01.2005 comparing with that on 01.01.2004 increased more than twice making 521 million rubles. The total loan indebtedness increased from 457 million rubles in the beginning of the year up to 1 billion 21 million rubles in the end of an accounting period.

    The amount of credits issued to domestic enterprises depending on branches made

Branch 2004
Industry 1494.0 million rubles
Trade 3.2 million rubles
Other 128.4 million rubles

    In 2004 as well as in the previous years with the purpose of diversifying the credit portfolio and avoiding the influence of regional factor upon the amount of risks accepted by JCB ZARECHYE PSC credited both foreign clients whose credits on January 1, 2005 made 294.8 million rubles.

    The total increase in loans due and equivalent receivables in 2004 (except for credits including bills discounted by the bank, loans, inter-bank credits and other bargains bearing the credit risk) made 123 %.

    With the purposes of reducing the credit risks our Bank developed and approved such credit policy that helped to choose proper borrowers so that industrial enterprises known as reliable borrowers were of highest priority.

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