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A careful credit policy pursued by the Bank, the analysis and discretion in selecting financial instruments for investments allowed in 2002 to achieve a yield on most of operations. The total profit of the Bank made 17.0 million Rubles per year, that is, 3 times more than the profit of 2001.
Practically all operations in the year of account were profitable providing a benefit to the Bank. In 2002 as in preveious years the main share of the total income was provided by the interest on loans receipts making over 50 percents or 73.8 million Rubles that is 15,9 million Rubles more than in 2001. The growth in the volume of crediting allowed about 1.3 times to increase the volume of credit incomes.
Incomes on operations with securities significantly increased in 2002 their specific weight in total incomes made 9.3 percents against 6.3 percents in 2001 that is in absolute magnitudes 13.6 and 8.4 million Rubles respectively.
In 2002 the Bank continued actively to work on the securities market with high- liquidity corporate securities.
The income on operations with securities of various emitters for the accounting period made 1.2 million Rubles. The total income on revaluation of corporate securities for an accounting period made 8.5 million Rubles, demonstrating the growth of market price of assets bought by the bank, and reliability of investments.
Active work with different government bonds, including foreign currency stocks as well as sale and purchase operations in 2002 allowed the Bank to receive the income in the amount of 2.5 million Rubles. Besides, the above bonds were used by the Bank to guarantee borrowed funds. Investments in government ruble bonds in 2002 were rather efficient, giving an annual income in the amount of 1.4 million Rubles.
The volume of incomes on foreign currency operations in 2002 remained almost at the level of 2001, its specific weight in total incomes of the Bank was 4.5 percents, making for an 6.6 million Rubles per the accounting period.
The volume of the Bank’s cash operations slightly increased in 2002 allowing to receive the commission income in the amount of 8.7 million Rubles, which made 6.0 percents in total incomes received during the year.

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