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The basic parameters of activity

   In 2003 JSC Bank "Zarechye" continued rendering conventional and specific bank services to one of its largest clients - Kazan Helicopter Company, to the industrial enterprises which are subsidiaries of the plant, the commercial finance companies participated in the holding. Jointly with Kazan Helicopter Company in 2003 the bank "Zarechye" solved to become a single clearing center in the development of the holding.
   In 2003 the bank "Zarechye" together with the financial and leasing companies, some industrial enterprises and business-trade structures acted as an equal partner. Being a financial center it concentrated main money flows and payments of the participants of the holding and provided credit-based financial support required for technical redevelopment and set-up of the plant and holding members.

    As before JSC Bank "Zarechye" has continued active crediting real (not financial) sector of economics. The volume of the granted loans amounted to 4230,6 million rubles that approximately 1,5 times exceeded the level of 2002.

    As compared with the accounting period of the last year the loan granted to the clients as of 01.01.2004 increased by 34 % and made the sum equal to 211,6 million rubles.

Loan volumes

Mln. rubles
20022003Range (%)
Industry 2 686,43 784,8140
Trade 1,03,1310
Others 97,8442,8450

    As in previous years the basic volume of the loans was granted to the main borrower, Kazan Helicopter Company, which is the shareholder of the bank and the enterprises participated in the holding (Private Company "Zarechye", Public Corporation "Leasing - Invest" and others).

    In 2003 the volume of the overdue debt on loans and interests was reduced from 9,9 million rubles down to 7,6 million rubles (more than 20 %). In the accounting year all granted loans were returned by the clients. The share of overdue loans in the credit portfolio of the bank was constantly reduced and made 1.75 % as of 01.01.2004 against 2,9 % last year.

    The bank generally places their short-term assets on the market of inter-bank credits. The volume made 4 182,8 million rubles in 2003.

    In 2002 the bank continued actively to work on the securities market with high-liquidity corporate securities. The income from operations with securities of alien emitters made 12,2 million rubles. It should be noted that the income on revaluation of corporate securities amounted to 49,1 million rubles that demonstrates the growth of a market price of assets bought by the bank and reliability of investments and availability of the potential profit while selling the securities.

    At the same time the work with redeemable debentures of the third parties was carried out by the bank. A return on bonds selling made 3,3 million rubles.

    A new way of the bank's activity as shares borrowing started in 2002 was continued and advanced in 2003. The main task of the bank here is extra gaining by temporary placement of shares from the bank's portfolio as a loan which in fact are investments of the bank and are not intended for selling. The income on this kind of activity amounted to 0,6 million rubles.

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