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   The bank went on working with various government debt instruments. Thus, the bank got an income in the amount of 0,1 million rubles from the currency state bonds and purchase and sale operations in 2003. These bonds were used by the bank as a loan for drawing extra funds.

   The income from the bank's investment in SSTB,BFB (State Short-Term Bonds, Bonds of Federal Borrowing) made 1,87 million rubles in 2003. Thus, by the results of the year the total income from various stock-market securities operations came to 18,3 million rubles.

   The bank actively worked with the corporate bodies on foreign exchange operations. An increase of the funds on the currency accounts of the corporate bodies was still being continued in 2003. Their balance amounted to 3,6 million dollars as of 01.01.2004 thus increasing by 13,5% the balance for the accounting period last year. As compared with 2002 the volume of the bargains on purchase and sale of foreign currency made with the corporate bodies which are the bank's clients went down and amounted to 685 643,00 million rubles.

   In 2003 bank "Zarechye" continued rendering services to individuals. The basic trend in this sector was receiving deposits both in rubles and foreign currency. The bank did not aim at activating the work in this market segment. However, the deposits of individuals grew by 30,7 million rubles for the accounting period and made 14 % of the resource base of the bank. It demonstrates retaining of the individuals' trust to the bank's activity though interest rates for individual deposits are lower than actual on the local banking market.
Besides the bank actively carry out sale and purchase operations of cash currency.

Foreign-exchange operations

in thousand rubles
20022003Range (%)
USD Bought653,72 298,3251%
USD Sold975,91 605,264%
EUR Bought 34,2103,9203%
EUR Sold 172,9227,626%
Income/Profit 471,1819,073%

    Due to thorough and sound approach while analyzing and choosing the financial instruments the bank succeeded in the majority of the current operations. So according to the annual balance the yield of the bank exceeded 2,4 times the previous results and came to 41,4 mln. rubles.

    To resume, one can say that the bank "Zarechye" generally managed to solve the problems. The position of the bank supported by the main shareholders is considered as stable and confident.

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