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Prospects of further development of the bank

   Taking into account the total results of its activity in 2003 the bank presently plans to continue escalating an authorized capital. The stocks of the 15-th issue in the amount of 150 million rubles are being currently registered by the Central bank of the Russian Federation. By the beginning of the 3-rd quarter the amount of the bank's authorized capital will have made 500 million rubles due to assistance of the bank's shareholders.

   On purpose to maintain its market positions and competitive power the bank is presently going to enter into the group of the banks participating in the system of obligatory insurance of the individuals' deposits.
The entry into the system of obligatory deposits insurance will allow the bank not only to save the resource base but also escalate the individuals' deposits due to a guaranteed return of deposits by the government.

    In 2004 all Russian banks will have to draw up of accounts according to the International standards. The banks need to analyze the standard instructions issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, study the differences between Russian and international methods of accounts.

   Drawing up the annual report according to the new regulation will allow to estimate an efficiency and riskiness of the current bank operations from a new point of view.

   As in previous years one of the main tasks of the bank in the current year is acting as a single clearing center for rendering services to Kazan Helicopter Company and all enterprises which participate in the holding and providing financial support required for technical redevelopment and set-up of the plant and holding members.
Among the other problems re-equipment of the bank is also tasked with the purpose of maintaining the advanced methods of banking business conduct.

    The bank is planning to take measures to develop internal banking control, management accounting and renovate software.

   The level of the bank activity, its credit policy, the system of currency and loan transactions, security market operations meet the requirements of the current legislation and correspond to standards of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
Thus, in further this will allow the bank to succeed successfully in banking business and strengthen its power on the banking market of the Republic of Tatarstan.


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