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CLIENT BASE OF Bank Zarechye (JSC)

Among the principal customers of Bank Zarechye (JSC) there are the largest industrial enterprises and aircraft industry corporations. The Bank actively cooperates as with entities and corporations so with individuals.

The main corporate clients of Bank Zarechye (JSC) are PJSC "Kazan Helicopters" (Kazan, Russia), Kazan Aviation Industrial Company (Kazan, Russia), "OVERSIS" LTD (Moscow, Russia), Non-Public Pension Fund "Kazan Helicopters" (Kazan, Russia), "TFK" Ltd. (Kazan, Russia), "START" Co. Ltd. (Kazan, Russia), "Orelagroprom" LLC and "Orelagroyug" CJSC (Orel, Russia), "KORSA" LLC (Kazan, Russia), "Endevor" LLC (Kazan, Russia).

"Kazan Helicopters" Public Joint Stock Company is well known worldwide as the manufacturer of the Mi-l Mi-8/17 family of helicopters. According to statistics Mil occupies 17 percent of today"s worldwide turbine helicopter market. Kazan Helicopters have experience in aircraft construction since the 1940s, and in the international market since 1956. High reliability, ruggedness, safety, and ease of maintenance are the characteristics of the aircraft produced by Kazan Helicopters, which has delivered over 10,000 units of Mi-8/17 helicopters worldwide. Production of the Mi-17 family of helicopters is supported by over fifty million flight hours. Kazan Helicopters is the sole official approved producer of the military version of Mi-17 helicopter, as well as being approved to overhaul all Mi-8/ 17 helicopter types. The Aviation Register of the Russian Federation has approved Kazan Helicopters as a design centre for civil helicopters. The Civil Aviation Department of the Russian Federation has granted certificate for training and advanced training of ground and flight personnel at Kazan Helicopters training center.

"Kazan Aviation Industrial Company" deals in the field of planes construction, production of spare parts to them and rendering repair services of planes.

"OVERSIS" renders services in financial intermediation.

"Orelagroprom" LLC and "Orelagroyug" CJSC specialize in the field of cultivation of grain, bean, oilseed and other agricultural crops; sale of fruits, vegetables, meat, flour, bread, grain; purchase/sale of land; cattle breeding; animal husbandry; timber cutting, processing scrap metal sheets.

"KORSA" LLC is active in the field of purchase / sale / lease of own real estate; consulting on business and management; financial intermediation.

"Endevor" LLC deals in the field of leasing of own and non-residential real estate

"TFK" Ltd. is active in the field of land leasing.

"Start" Co. Ltd. specializes in chemical industry.


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