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Registered title
Bank Zarechye (Joint Stock Company)

Country of incorporation
Russian Federation

Share capital (statutory fund): 1 000 009 thousands RUB (more than 17.5 mln. USD)
Equity capital (own capital): 1 243 260 thousands RUB (about 22 mln. USD) (as of June 1, 2017)

Subsidiary office of Bank Zarechye (JSC)
Russia, Kazan 420087, 13A Zorge Str., building 1.

Subsidiary office of Bank Zarechye (JSC) «Park Pobedy»
Russia, 420124 Kazan, Yamasheva Ave., 37 office 2
Tel.:+7(843)523-67-54, 523-67-41

Branch of Bank Zarechye (JSC)
302020, Russia, Orlovskaya area, Orel, Naugorskiy highway, 8A
Tel.:+7(4862)44-29-75, 44-29-76
Fax: +7(4862)44-29-77

Central Operational office of Bank Zarechye (JSC) Branch in Orel
115114 Moscow, 10 Letnikovskaya Str., build.1 Tel.: +7(495) 740-43-66, 740-43-96

Livny Operational office of Bank Zarechye (JSC) Branch in Orel
303852, Orlovskaya area, Livny, 18 Gaidar street, appart. 23A
Tel.: +7(48677) 7-60-12, 7-60-13


  • General License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 817
  • License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for transactions with precious metals.
  • The bank is authorized to issue customs guarantees by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Membership in associations and unions

  • Member of the Association of Russian Banks
  • Member of the Banks' Association of the Tatarstan Republic
  • Member of Stock and Currency sectors of Moscow Inter-bank Currency Exchange
  • Member of Saint-Petersburg and Nizhniy Novgorod Currency Exchanges

Scope of activities

  • Crediting enterprises of the real sector of economics, first of all, those forming the budget of Tatarstan (the Russian Federation member territory).
  • Servicing clients' foreign economic activities
  • Transactions with bank and corporate securities
  • Transactions with precious metals
  • Servicing international credit/debit cards
  • Work with individuals, deposit transactions
  • Cash operations (currency purchase/sale)
  • Deposits drawing/credits allocation
  • Servicing operations on internal exchange market
  • Documentary transactions:
    - Collections
    - Letters of Credit
    ("Zarechye observes the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (2007 Revision,
    International Chamber of Commerce, Publication No 600)
    - Advising
    - Guarantees
  • Financial Trading
    - Money Market Operations
    - Trading
    - Confirmation
    - Settlements
  • Foreign Exchange deals (FX-deals)

Physical address
2 Luknitskogo Str., 420032 Kazan, Russia,

    Ph: +7(843) 557 59 03, 557 59 65
    Fax: +7(843) 557 59 75, 557 59 65
    Taxpayer or National Identification Number: 1653016664
You may contact Mrs. Gulnara Farakhutdinova who is a specialist of Banking Correspondent Department for dealing in the field of interbank cooperation.
Tel/Fax: +7(843) 557-59-75

Mailing address
2 Luknitskogo Str., 420032 Kazan, Russia,

Foreign exchange rates

in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of  19.01.2019
  currency rate change
USD 66.3309 -0.11
EUR 75.5841 -0.05
in our swap bodies as of  
  currency purchase sale
  USD 65.3 67
  EUR 69.35 69.9
Time deposit and fixed-term deposit rates

Контакты Contacts
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Address: Russia, Republic of Tatarstan,
420032 Kazan, 2 Luknitskogo Str.
Phone: +7(843) 557-59-03, 557-59-65
Fax: +7(843) 557-59-75, 557-59-65

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